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.:Lullaby--Moon Application:. Connor Lloyd by TheLostArts .:Lullaby--Moon Application:. Connor Lloyd by TheLostArts
Guys. This group. Let me give it all my love. :iconallmyloveplz:
Seriously though, you don't know how much in love I am in with the idea and everything. You should all check it out. ; A ;

So anyways, anyone remember this guy? Well, he's back! New and improved! Decided to give him a use and throw him into the group since I think it suits him pretty well.
Anyways, I hope you like him! Wish me luck!


"I don't ever want to lose that magical feeling I felt when I first came here..."

Name: Connor Lloyd
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: June 30th (Cancer)
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 142 lbs
Orientation: ????
Relationship Status: Single

Job: College Student / Part-time Bookshop Employee
Rank: Pawn
Level: 1
Skills: At 5 || Def 5 || HP 20

+ Friendly: A very warm and accepting person, Connor extends his good nature to everyone he meets. Anyone who comes across him will be treated with guaranteed kindness, and he will go out of his way to make sure that they feel that their company is wanted. Unless given a reason, he is nice to everyone.

+ Loyal: Is very dedicated to the people he cares about, and is willing to do most anything when something is asked or needed of him. Willing to stick with someone through the good and the bad -once befriended- he is a friend for life.

+ Intelligent: A strong student and studious individual, his knowledge is well above the normal average for people his own age. With a strong love of learning combined with a great memory, he absorbs facts like a sponge. He finds great pleasure in surrounding himself with the achievements and discoveries of other people.

+ Level-headed: In the battle scene he is very calm and collected. As he rarely panics, Connor is able to avoid making rash, impulsive decisions.

/ Superstitious: Be it black cats or cracked mirrors, he believes it all. So much, that it can be a very useful tool in trying to persuade him to do something. //hint hint

- Insecure: Though outspoken and cheery at a glance, Connor has esteem issues and is very aware of his actions and how well received they are by other people. As he is almost friendless in the Waking World, he panics in social interaction with strangers and will rarely look people in the eye.

- Naive: Inexperienced with people and many aspects of the 'real' world, he can be considered ignorant and sheltered. The latter is more accurate; however, as much of his life to this point had been ruled by his parents and what they had decided to expose him to. As such, he can be clueless to some social norms.

- Gullible: Believing that no person really has any reason to lie, he is very likely to accept anything that is told to him: no questions asked. However, if he discovers that he's been lied to, Connor takes it as a very personal insult. For him, this is the highest form of betrayal.

- Socially Awkward: Though friendly and a bit of a conversationalist, when things start to roll downhill, so does his confidence. When in an unwanted situation Connor will be flustered: his sentences become jumbled and he stutters his words. If this persists for to long he will actually run away.

❤ Computer programming
❤ Pursuing knowledge
✔ Myths, Legends and Fairytales
Music (Especially Instrumental)
✔ Animals
✔ Helping out other people
✘ Math
✘ Being ignored
✘ Humid weather
✘ Sarcasm
✘ Crowds
💀 The Supernatural
💀 Loneliness and isolation
💀 Airplanes

Born and raised in a small Welsh community, Connor grew up faster than most of the kids his age. Because although both of his parents were very loving people, he was raised differently from other children: when most kids would have been given stuffed animals, he was given books; when they watched Disney movies, he watched documentaries. From a very early age intelligence and learning became a very prominent feature in the Llyod household. Some may say that he had a deprived childhood, but for Connor, those were some of the most enjoyable years of his life and he holds no grudge against his parents. Besides, he seemed normal enough: large vocabulary and weird facts aside.

When Connor was sent to Elementary school he was hailed as a young genious -his parents' plan had worked! Passionate about school and friendly with the other kids there seemed to be no consequences to his abnormal upbringing; for the first few years at least.
Conversation comes naturally to young kids and they're hardly judgmental about the things another people say. But as late childhood/early adolescence approaches children can get...mean. And poor Connor, who was oblivious as to just how 'out of the loop' he was from everyone else, made for a very likely target for rude commentary. The more he tried to fit in, the more Connor got hurt. So, he did what seemed appropriate at the time and became a social recluse, spending even more time in his pursuit of knowledge. And if it wasn't for his own personal interest, it was for school -slowly, Connor grew distant from his classmates. And even when High School rolled around and the insults had stopped, the rift was just too great and he continued to be a bit of a loner, feeling that, still, no one wanted him around. The exception to this was with schoolwork; which he was all too happy to lend a helping hand with if people would happen to ask. He was lonely, but so deeply convinced that he didn't belong that he rarely tried to join the others anymore.

Graduation changed his outlook, however.
Having been accepted into a good college -his first choice -Connor was forced to move away from home and to one of the school's residential areas. This meant having a roommate. His panic at living with someone new couldn't be masked, but Connor was lucky enough to end up with a pretty cool guy. At least, Connor considered him to be cool because of his easy-going and friendly attitude. And him being a pretty big geek was sure to help as well.
Majoring in computer science Connor really enjoyed his classes, but with the exception of his roommate, found it difficult to make conversation with anyone. Why was social interaction so hard?! He felt lonely, rejected and defeated; unable to combat the growing unease and homesick feeling threatening to consume him. His ray of sunshine came one month into the semester, in one of his computer courses, when they started to talk about revolutionary technology.

The Professor had brought up the MoonPhase: a pair of headphones used for one of today's most popular MMORPGs. What really caught Connor's attention about this specific lecture was the mention of the game's "completely immersive experience". Though never much of a gamer -his parents hadn't approved of video games -Connor felt a pull of attraction to this one. He started to do more research about it online and even discussed it with his roommate. Finally, he came to the decision to buy the game.
He thought of it as a new start; a place where maybe (just maybe) he'd find people- no, not just people- friends.

♦ P H E O U S

Name: Cordelia
Gender: Female
Class: E
Level: 1

Weapon/Fighting Style: Attacking, she relies heavily on the horn atop her head (for stabbing/cutting) and her tail (for smacking, basically). Cordelia's teeth -though sharp- are short and are therefore rarely used, except in extreme cases of self-defense. She is able to move gracefully with her long body, but because of moderate/mediocre speed; however, is usually forced to deflect or defend instead of dodging enemy attacks all together.

+ Protective: She holds Connor in high regard and looks to him as a fragile creature put into her charge. She will go out of her way to make sure that he is both safe and unafraid, and will always act with his best interest in mind.

+ Calm: Like her player it takes a lot to push her emotions over the edge. However, unlike Connor, this applies to her entire emotive spectrum and she rarely shows anything aside from contentment, joy, contempt or determination.

/ Silent: As she never talks it's unknown to Connor whether it's her choice to stay quiet or if she's actually incapable of speech.

- Blunt: Cordelia is not above showing her dislike for any person or thing. If someone falls under the category of "nuisance" or "potential enemy" they will know, as she will make no effort to mask her disgust/hatred.

- Over-confident: She has a little too much faith in her own and Connor's abilities, and will often push the both of them into difficult situations, and end up in over their heads.

♦ O T H E R

//has yet to meet anyone

★ At one point during Junior High and carrying onto high school Connor found himself interested in language. He started to teach himself Latin, but gave up when he couldn't really get the hang of it.
★ With his non-existent social record, Connor has never dated nor even really had a crush on someone before. So not only is he romantically clueless, but his sexual orientation is currently unknown.
★ He will never initiate his first hug with someone out of fear of offending the other person. After that; however, Connor has no problem giving hugs to that person, and can sometimes do it almost randomly. (Keep this in mind if you decide to hug him!)
★ Cordelia's name comes from the Shakespearean play King Lear; her character is an honest woman and the youngest of the King's daughters. Though she doesn't appear for very long in the play Connor found himself attached to her and decided that it would be a good name for his Pheous.
★ Cordelia is something similar to a small amphithere dragon. Why a dragon? Connor sees them as very majestic and beautiful creatures; graceful, powerful and in control.
★ Even though she has wings, Cordelia cannot actually fly at this point in time. With leveling she may be able to pick herself off the ground, but for the time being the wings are more for show than anything else.
★ Cordelia is made from Connor's desperate need for companionship: the motherly-figure to comfort him, the best friend to support him, and the confident leader he wants to be.

Roleplay Example:
It was pretty amazing. All of it. From the soft, tickling sensation of the grass pressing against his cheek; to the warmth radiating from his Pheous not two feet away; to the intense brilliance of the sun blazing all felt so REAL. And yet it was a dream. Just one that was so intrinsically detailed that even a pinch couldn't distinguish a game from reality. But still Connor couldn't resist trying. Pushing himself to a sitting position, he pinched himself: lightly at first, but he then continued to apply pressure until the throbbing pain was undeniable. Giddy, the boy threw his head back and laughed before throwing his arms around his dragon-like Pheous, burying his face into her feathered neck. "Ah Celia, I don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful this place is." Cordelia lightly nudges her players head before craning her own neck towards the horizon. Connor turns to follow her gaze and starts to nod, almost sadly. "Yeah, you're right. There's more to this game than just admiring the scenery...we really should try taking on a quest."

Connor: *he stands up, arching his back to stretch, and turns back to look at his Pheous who is uncoiling herself* We could always see what quests are available.... What do you think? Should we do one now?
Cordelia: *she nudges Connor's arm, lightly pushing him in the direction towards town*
Connor: *he grins, laughing, and starts to walk* Okay! Okay! Let's go! It's about time we saw what this game is all about anyways. *as a thought crosses his mind his steps slow and smile drops* W-wait. You don't think, well, that I have to work with p-p-people, do you?
Cordelia: *lets out a noise that sounds like a sigh and starts to nudge Connor more forcefully as if to say stop worrying, there's two of us*

Roleplay Methods:
Because I'm not very good at remembering to go on Skype (//OTL) I prefer notes or comments. Usually notes because I find them easier to keep track of, but I'm not very picky.

Characters and Art (c) TheLostArts
Lullaby--Moon (c) wakaz
Application Form (c) wakaz
Blank Application -->
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MelodicSoul Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Connor version 2.0! :iconlawooplz:
Although drastically different from his original design, he still looks wonderful; I particularly like that top of his! The colour scheme is also really nice despite the change; white and blue seem very calming and give him a more relaxed vibe.
And his Pheous is just to pretty~ You came up with such an amazing design for her! She reminds me of a dragon, which isn't a surprise, considering it's you. xD Also, I love how the two of them are essentially complete opposites of one another; they complement each other nicely~
He's still the same loveable guy from TEA, with some slight alterations~ His history for an example. I love how this time around you can see finding solace in the game because it had trouble with social interactions. He just wants to make friends, damnit! *pushes Alice towards him*
TheLostArts Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Take two! XD
I'm really glad that you still like his design, despite how much it's changed from the original! Although, to be fair, I think the biggest thing is that he got a hair cut. And that the colour's changed a little bit too I guess.
Ah- thank you! I'm really glad that you like Cordelia, but I'm actually planning on redesigning her.....because I have a hard time drawing her like this. //OTL I'm still planning that she'll be dragon-like though!
I'm happy that his history makes sense~ ADSGSCDH- YES! THEY MUST MEET. //throws an awkward Connor
Connor: H-h-hello. :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Det2x Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yay another member!!!:iconfabulousplz:

welcome me to the group~
TheLostArts Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why yes, I wanted to be one of the cool kids~ :iconpapmingplz:

Thanks a ton!
I hope we can rp some time. : D
Det2x Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Friend.... sorry for autocorrecting.....
Det2x Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Then go there ripened...:iconmanlytearsplz:

no prob and if you want, we can rp now?
TheLostArts Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I feel so honoured to have been admitted. :iconryojidaisyplz:
And pfft, don't worry about it. xD Autocorrect really likes to be a pain all the time.

Sure, that sounds good! Are notes okay? And do you prefer lit or script?
Det2x Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
yes, and either is fine I'll send you a note
TheLostArts Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reborn-Honeybee Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Omgg he's so cute his pheous is so cute everything is just omg :iconhandspazzplz:

Welcome to the grooooup :iconanticipation2plz:
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